Life Coaching

Steph, Headteacher

I am so grateful for the sessions that I had with Siobhan. I can honestly say that years of ingrained perceptions, including those of myself, have been changed through our sessions and this has completely transformed my confidence in the areas that we targeted.

Having not come with a particular agenda or focus, our sessions started as a general overview of my life and ended in exploring a significant area of my life that I hadn’t had the time, space or opportunity to explore before the sessions. This has lead to me having the confidence to make decisions differently and confidently and has had a huge positive impact on me personally and professionally.

Siobhan was friendly, challenging and above all a fantastic listener who was able to make connections between thoughts that I didn’t know existed, uncovering new areas to explore to move my thinking forward. Thanks Siobhan!

Manezza, Assistant Head Teacher

Working with Siobhan has had a phenomenal impact on my life. Being given the time to think, reflect, speak and be honest with myself, my mindset, perception and output has completely changed. I am no longer anxious at work, I am able to see matters from a more balanced view and I am recognising my accomplishments! Siobhan’s coaching style is encouraging, wise and nurturing and I would not have made this progress without her direction. Thank you, Siobhan!

Stuart, Head of Faculty

Siobhan was an excellent support and conduit to help me process and develop in a tricky time for me in a professional context. Her patience and measured responses were thought provoking and insightful. It was clear to me that Siobhan’s knowledge, expertise, and overall approach would be of benefit to people across many career paths and at all different stages along those. I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Siobhan.

Sarah, Head of Faculty

I am so grateful for your guidance and support in unpicking my negative feelings and working out where my life was not aligned with my values, so that I can start moving in a positive direction and vocalising my needs in order to do this. I would highly recommend anyone who is considering life coaching sessions with Siobhan to go for it- she is extremely knowledgeable, generous with her time and expertise and inspiring in her approach. It really has been a transformative experience which has helped to set me on a path to the life I want.

Maria, Teacher

I have been trying to navigate new circumstances in life and work my way through the challenges that this has presented. Siobhan, listened to my concerns and helped me focus on my values. She helped me see my strengths and skills and how I could use these in a new career journey. We worked out together the steps needed to achieve my goals and the key people I would need to rely on.

Siobhan’s coaching has had a huge impact on my life and my confidence.

Lucy, Project Manager

I’ve received coaching before and was a little reluctant to do it again. I’ve done the work, so everything was all ‘fixed’, right?

Siobhan helped me remember that it’s a constant process of learning, remembering and relearning. We started with my values, which I was adamant I knew but couldn’t exactly name.

Once I’d reconnected to my core values, so many of the challenges I am facing at work made much more sense.

Siobhan is a patient and gifted coach, invest in yourself by working with her.

Hannah, Customer Services

It’s been a wonderful experience working with Siobhan. I came to coaching with the knowledge that I was feeling dissatisfied in my current work, and needed to talk through the various options available to me. Aside from that, I really wasn’t sure exactly where I wanted to go or whether coaching could help me get there. Siobhan helped me to rediscover my values and strengths, which helped me gain more clarity about my current situation and how it did not align with them. She also helped me clear some of the negative beliefs I had around trying again with further education and now, 8 sessions later, I have just enrolled in a course that will completely change the direction of my life and career. Having the space to talk through my desires and dreams, and Siobhan’s positive and supportive nature, have been invaluable in helping to steer me towards this decision. She is a fantastic coach, and I would highly recommend working with her!

Kath, Director of a PR and Comms Consultancy

Balancing a full-time job with a demanding young family left me little time to pursue any personal passions or creative endeavours. My sessions with Siobhan have helped me to carve out more ‘me-time’ in a constructive and enjoyable way. We’ve covered everything from preparing for a business presentation, to thrashing out ideas for my side hustle of a kid’s book. Whatever I throw at her she manages to make it not only manageable, but ten-fold more enjoyable. She is an excellent listener, provides brilliant clarity and direction, yet guides me to reach my own decisions and solutions. Each session is goal orientated with a clear outcome and I always leave feeling motivated, positive and like a mist has lifted. I would heartily recommend her.

Katja, EFL School Manager

I started the life coaching because I needed some clarity about my career and future employment. Although Siobhan isn’t specialised in this area, she helped me to structure my goals and get a clearer sense of who I am and what I need and want out of life. When I started the sessions I wasn’t sure if life coaching would be useful for me, because I felt ‘normal’ and confident about myself but it turns out that life coaching isn’t just for people who are doubtful or feel they have big problems (as I’d previously thought) but for everyone who wants to develop themselves in some way. Siobhan is patient yet probing and I found it easy to open up to her and explore my thoughts in a truthful way. When she recapped what I’d said it really helped me to clarify what it was that I’d been thinking – I often wrote down what she said that I’d said as it was so accurate and concise. If you’re looking for someone who is encouraging, insightful, knowledgeable and personable then look no further – Siobhan is a great life coach.

Liz, Fundraiser

Siobhan is an excellent coach. In just six weeks, I have completely changed my career direction, secured an opportunity to re-train and am feeling focussed, confident and excited about what lies ahead. I really can’t believe that I have made such a significant life decision in such a short space of time – and how right it feels. Siobhan is warm and engaging and puts you at ease. She listened intently to what I was saying to help me make sense of all the waffle in my head! She is a brilliant communicator and she seemed to enjoy the coaching sessions too, which made me relax further. I was feeling confused and had so much going round in my head when we started the sessions. Siobhan helped me focus, figure out what I needed to do to, curtailed any procrastination by helping me identify weekly goals to be accountable for, helped me analyse my thoughts at each stage so that I felt increasingly confident in my final decision, and generally motivated me throughout. If you’re considering signing up for some coaching with Siobhan, my advice is simply to go for it!

James, Data Protection Consultant

Siobhan is super chilled and positively motivated to really help. She is unafraid to ask difficult yet intuitive questions to help gain a new perspective or insight on something you want to focus on. She allowed me to realise I needed a deeper form of therapy, meaning she handled a process of personal unloading for me go on a transformative journey that I would not have found without her. She then gave me more space to introvert and come back to her for the next exciting journey of my own personal growth. She is a breath of fresh air in a world of rigidity, willing to point out the things you may not have noticed and allows non-judgemental space for you to self-develop. Thoroughly recommended.

Coaching around joy

Ali, retired

I honestly did not expect to gain what I did from this course. Since doing it, people have commented ‘you’ve come a long way’ but actually I’m on my way back to the person I was before life and society made me scared, angry and anxious. The course was thought provoking but in such a subtle and gentle way. Siobhan listens and helps you reflect and come to your own realisation of what you need for your own joy. I met people in a virtual world from very different life paths to my own, but I felt safe with them and with Siobhan’s guidance. I regard them as my friends and am in their corner supporting them for everything they choose for their lives. If you have lost yourself or not yet found yourself, do this course and find your joy in the safest hands’. Before you know it, you are looking at the world with wonder and excitement.

Daniel, Teacher

I was trying to survive in the ‘murky waters’ of ill health and low mood. This course helped me to re-align and to be vulnerable and truly authentic to my core values and ignored needs. The nature of the exploratory work we did has allowed me to grow by realising my need for playfulness and that this is both allowed and accepted. ‘The Firestarter’ has been reignited!

Sarah, Massage Therapist

The joy spotting course was a really great way for me to be reminded that you cannot spread joy in your life if you are not joyful yourself. Weekly sessions to discuss joy with a group of people are a really uplifting and positive experience and helped us to focus on what really brings us pleasure and joy. Siobhan is a great facilitator in the group discussions, a supportive coach in the one-to-one sessions and a joy enthusiast!

Jo, Nurse

Siobhan’s joy course has given me a greater understanding of exactly what’s really important to me. It has given me the space and opportunity to work on my core values and understand what I want from the next phase of my life rather than what I think I should want.

I’m much more confident in noticing when my resilience is low and knowing how to fix it. Joy will happen because I can notice it.

Working as part of a group allowed me to share and hear others’ experiences. I was surprised how much common ground there was even if core values were different. There were a lot of universal experiences and ideas that really resonated with me.

My advice (when starting the course ) would be to write as much down as you can as you go along. You can then use your notes as your very own little ‘joy kit’!

I loved working with Siobhan. It’s so easy to be open and honest with her. You’ll get as much out of this course as you put in.

Caroline, Deputy Headteacher

Who doesn’t need more joy in their life? When I came across SJG Coaching’s course, ‘Joy Spotting for Beginners: How To Make the Most of Daily Joy and Plan For a More Joyful Future’ I just couldn’t resist signing up! I’m so glad I did.

I’ve never really dedicated time to reflecting on joy before, and yet, it seems such an obvious thing to do now. In our six week group and individual coaching sessions, Siobhan has facilitated an exploration of all things joyful, from noticing, and relishing, the small acts of joy we experience in our daily lives, to identifying our joy blockers, and being much clearer about what we truly value, and what brings us authentic happiness. I’ve learned a huge amount and am excited about how this will impact me going forward. Siobhan’s wit, honesty and warmth is a joy to be around. I look forwards to each session so much…I’m just sad our course is soon coming to an end.

Fiona, Journalist

Understanding, honourable and an ideal listener, Siobhan put everyone at their ease. We all opened up straight off – and over video call too.

Siobhan is so skilled at managing a group of talkative clients who enjoy the conversation… she lets us all be heard and keeps steering us without us noticing.

The sessions felt like a creative and nourishing use of time. She has taught me a few ideas which will stay with me for good. I better recognise my thinking for what it is since the course.