How many times have you sat down to think about something important and not finished the thought because work, life or your own brain gets in the way? Or maybe you started to share your ideas with a friend, family member or colleague, only to find yourself self-censoring for fear of judgement or hurting someone’s feelings?

1:1 coaching provides a non-judgemental space in which you can invest in yourself by exploring any personal or career goal that is important to you. See below for ways of working one to one.

One to one: Four month package

For those with a goal or goals that they would like to explore.

Includes: 8 x one to one calls over 4 months. Where appropriate I may also suggest ‘homework’ tasks and reading/listening.

Cost: £598 (Payment package available)

One to one: Subscription

For those who have already tried coaching and would like the option to ‘top up’ across the year.

Includes: Monthly coaching calls.

Cost: 6 months £448 (Payment package available)

Cost: 12 months £848 (Payment package available)

One to one: Deep dive

For those who want to experience coaching before investing in a package or subscription or those who have a more immediate goal they would like to explore.

Includes: 90 minute coaching call

Cost: £115