The Park of Nothing

Yesterday whilst coaching an old friend she told me that her friend’s children’s favourite place to spend the day was an open space near where they lived, which they named ‘The Park of Nothing’. Rather than the terrifying existential wasteland this concept might present for adults, these kids revelled in Read more…

Rejection skirt

Absolutely love this! Career change and setting up a business are pushing all my ‘don’t do it wrong’ buttons so seeing Caitlin Kirby in her ‘rejection skirt’ really fired me up. As a teacher I frequently told my pupils, ‘getting things wrong always leads to learning’ but walking the walk Read more…

Hope is a discipline

I needed to hear Mariame Kaba describe hope as a ‘discipline’ this morning after having listened to a litany of injustice on the news. Remembering that timelines for change can be long and that we are just a tiny cog in the wheel feels such a relief in current times.


Leap of faith

Brilliantly observed by a client tonight. Sometimes when you are staring into the abyss of change a leap of faith seems impossible. Coaching is that handful of gravel that helps you to see it’s possible and show you that you always knew way.

Uncertain times

We are living through the most uncertain of times and as a result, many of us are re-evaluating what is really important to us and what direction we want our lives to take. As part of my training as an ICF accredited Transformational Coach, I am looking for clients who Read more…