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Almost 20 years ago, I got my holiday photos back (remember that?!) and saw a photo of myself in shorts. I was horrified. They were so unflattering, I looked huge! I vowed never to wear them again – they didn’t suit me.

I kept to that extraordinary rule until 2018. Full disclosure at that point I’d been romping round the Andes for a year and I’d lost a lot of weight so, newly body confident, I bought a pair of jean shorts. I felt like Daisy Duke (without the blow dry and Republican politics). No thigh rub, no worrying they would blow up and oh the freedom of letting the sun get to you legs all day long.

Fast forward to 2021. The sun finally came out and so did my post lockdown body. I looked longingly at my shorts. They weren’t going to look good especially now I had approaching 50 knee wrinkles? But what was the alternative, chub rub? Sweltering in tights over 20 degrees?

I thought about the Gen Z kids. I love seeing them out there in ‘unflattering’ outfits that would turn my mum’s hair grey, without a solitary shit to give about what anyone else thinks. I put on my shorts for my morning walk; the breeze on my thighs felt amazing in fact it ‘felt like victory’. Screw suits you.

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