One of the things about being a woman looking middle age squarely in the eye, is that you learn to listen to your energy levels. Or rather you ignore them at your peril!

But what if you’re just too tired, miserable or stressed to be feeling much joy? I like to think of myself as a toxic positivity free zone so I’m certainly not going to pretend that I spend my days in a state of constant euphoria. No, on those days that my hormone calendar tells me I can whistle for more oestrogen, I settle for a quiet, maybe even slightly melancholy joy – think There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths.

Today I found my #DailyJoy shedding a small tear at middle aged Joni singing ‘A Case of You’, laughing at the doggies playing in the park and revelling in keeping a hot water bottle on my lap under my desk.

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And if you fancy some quiet joy of your own, I’m going to lend you my ‘In quiet moments‘ Spotify play list, but only if you promise to imagine it’s a mixtape when you listen to it.

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